Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Almost 80% of initial coin offerings (ICO) will be depicted as a scam or outright fail before becoming listed on an exchange. Out of the remaining 20%, almost 10% will fail entirely while the remaining 10% will be successful. We asses that the greatest attributing factor to these statistics is sustainability. Sustaining your community involvement, marketing, developing efforts and in general all areas that encompass a successful ICO is where our expertise lye’s.


At CTE Marmot we identify these main categories and help you fulfill what you’ve set out to accomplish with your ICO:

  • Overall ICO vision assessment
  • Maintaining community involvement
  • Flaws with how information is passes from the team to investors
  • Garnering more investor interest
  • Appearing in a professional manner
  • Technical Blockchain and token solutions
  • Community development and social promotion
  • Marketing your coin and identifying expenditures that are not necessary
  • Expedited exchange listings
  • Compliance Analysis
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Investor Prospects
  • Advisors, consultants and individuals who will be at the negotiation tables
  • Bounty support
  • Appearances and identifying points of weaknesses with your website, ANN, or other web-pages
  • A team you can rely and trust at any step in your coin process

Why CTE Marmot for your ICO?

Professionalism, stability, reliability and integrity of your ICO. We are here for you, with every milestone or misstep. We offer our years of knowledge and understanding for your team, to create a successful and highly-sought after ICO.