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Coin Trader’s Emergence (CTE) Marmot, was founded from the ashes of Coins Source Inc (2013-2015), which innovated and change the crypto space entirely. There was a large sum of leftover pieces, contacts and involvement in the crypto-world, forming under a new specific company to address these issues was ultimately needed. All advisors and consultants are highly vetted at CTE, and always are on the look-out for experienced and talented individuals to become involved with us. We’ve been in crypto-currency since the very first alt-coins and invested in the first ICO’s on Bitcointalk.org. Our passion has always been investing, trading and understanding the technology that’s shaping all our futures.

In total, we’ve collectively have thousands if not tens-of-thousands of hours of experience in all areas of launching coins: from development, to community reception, marketing and knowing what it takes to be a top 100 crypto.

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Our Team

T.k. Hamed ICO Advisor - Crypto Blockchain Advisors - CTE Marmot

T.k. Hamed

Founder & Lead Advisor

I became involve in crypto-currency at the end of 2013, where the silk-road incident was just occurring, that would lead to Bitcoin to stardom and the first explosion of growth. I was very outspoken in 2014-2015 for my calls for greater transparency behind developers, during the time i founded Coins Source INC. Coins Source was an innovator in the digital currency space that actively ranked, assessed, delivered alt-coin-based news, and vetted developers for their identity with the Trust Index, which soon later become an adopted standard among all creators.
I remain an active member on the Bitcointalk.org forums and within circles of the largest crypto communities on telegram and discord. Assisting development efforts, giving insight into markets, advising coin creators and investors remains my ultimate passion and my profession.

Highly recommend viewing my Bitcointalk.org Profile, to get a broader example of my experiences, it’s a perfect archive for the evolution of crypto.

F. Benner ICO Advisor - Crypto Blockchain Advisors - CTE Marmot

F. Benner

Consulting Developer & Technical Solutions

Franco is a blockchain and financial applications developer with over 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency world. By recognizing problems that arise during development and executions, it helped him launch and develop applications for over 10 existing coins, that are now listed in the top 200 of all crypto-currencies.
Franco is a long time enthusiast and supporter, often found assisting and guiding newer ICO’s fulfill their technical goals.

Alt-Secure ICO Advisor - Crypto Blockchain Advisors - CTE Marmot


Blockchain Developer and Technical Advisor

Image is unavailable, wishes to remain anonymous.

Asecure is responsible for launching and organizing efforts for several hundred-million+ Blockchain projects.

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